Black Cap Chickadee

by Majors Junction

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released January 1, 2016

This album is a culmination of a lot of work by the folks below. It was a blast to work with such a fine group of people to make this record. We hope you enjoy the music.

Players/Singers -
Mike Mulcahy, Vocals, Acoustic, 12-String, Bass
Heather O’Brien, Vocals
Colin Williams, Drums
Ira Sussman, Bass
Jim Croke, Electric Guitar
Brian Wilkie, Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel, Acoustic, Bass
Lindsey O’Brien, Vocals
Kiley Ruggerio, Vocals
Kevin O’Brien, Vocals
Dave "Wavy” Burlingham, Bass

Writers -
Marc "Baby J" Johns - "I Still Feel" & "Behind the Sun"
Randy Spring - "Charlene"
Mike Mulcahy - All other Songs

Album Artwork Kiley Ruggerio

Chicago Recording Studios -
North of Nashville Records, LLC | Mike Mulcahy
Narnia Studios | Brian Frost
Big River Recording Studio | Brad McGrath
Dr. Caw | Craig Williams

Produced at North of Nashville Records, LLC

Mixed & Mastered by Frost at Narnia studios in Chicago, IL



all rights reserved


Majors Junction Chicago, Illinois

Rich textures created by the band have been described as “Plush Lonesome Western Blues”. Majors Junction produces a diverse meld of country honky-tonk blues with folk undertones and hints of bluegrass pickin’ and good old rock & roll. It is a unique sound that celebrates individuality and hard work, two qualities the band shares with its hometown of Chicago. ... more

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Track Name: Sun By Day
I used to wait for the wind to blow
To tell me which way to go

This little time on my side
Is going fast bye bye bye

Lean a little closer to me
Cheek by cheek we both can see

What is the deal with all this stuff
Can’t speak for you but I’ve had enough

(I need some)
Sun by day
Stars by night
You and me baby I’ll be all right

I used to wait for the wind to blow
To tell me which way to go

These days I’ve got lots to do
& Every turn its something new

Try & find some peace of mind
You hold my hand & stop time

What is the deal with all these things
Space & time & big brass rings

Got a little place to go
To make our lives feel slow

Bring sunglasses for the day
& At night we’ll steal away

Far from work & computer screens
We’ll be somewhere we feel the breeze

Just you & me is all we need
Break it down to simplicity
Track Name: Peas In A Pod
Come on pretty baby wont you come with me
I’m gonna take a little trip down to New Orleans
We can roll down the hill like Jack and Jill
And land on our feet, it’ll be a thrill,

When we arrive we’ll scream and shout
No one will know what were yelling about
I’ll look at you and you’ll look at me
And we’ll laugh baby laugh baby laugh you’ll see

Peas in a pod arrows in a quiver
When I’m cold you quell my shiver
Rolling dice feels so nice
When you’re Hot Hot I like your spice

Peas in a pod arrows in a quiver
I do much better when you are nearer
One more bet and we’ll be set….
Just one more bet we’ll be set…

Now I know just what we do next
Get on a plane baby jet, jet, jet
Maybe go to Paris and see what we see
Next thing ya know we’re talking oui oui oui

Don’t really know you, don’t really know me
That’s okay Baby it’s working out you see
Nobody beats us at what we do
As long as we keep it me and you…

Loving you is like being in heaven
You and me in Las Vegas
Knocking boots, got you yelling Jesus

Won a big bet now were all set
Lets take it back home to Lafayette
Buy a big barge on the old Wabash
Retire and listen to Johnny Cash
Track Name: I Still Feel
I woke up outside Charlotte, Carolina
Fog-ridden hills in the month of July
Buzzing in the bedroom We were Up all night
Falling with the stars they was in our sights

Staring down the barrel of a sharp-shooter
Natural born killer takes his time with the steel
I saw him standing there at the country fair
With a tattoo on his head that said "beware"

I still feel
Rolling down the Mississippi line
Running down the tracks to make up time
I still feel, most in mind

Then I met a cabbie name Kola
He came from the Southern border of Minnesota
He had coal-fired lungs and fast-talking tongue
He was killing time in The Osage sun

Woke up in the hills and the rain fell down
Ain't the same since you not around
seven cards flush, and then i bust
Feeling like my luck is being pushed

I still feel
Rolling down the Mississippi line
Running down the tracks just To make up the time
I still feel, most in mind
Track Name: Charlene
Well I used to drive a big rig, made a fortune haulin steel
Had a girl in every town along the way
I guess you thought no drivin man could ever settle down
Lemme tell you it happened this a way

Charlene, Charlene, you’re the sweetest girl I’ve known
From Memphis all the way to San Antone
Charlene, Charlene, you’re the Queen of Abeline
And there ain’t no way I’m Ever Goin home.

Well a trucker sees a thousand girls, til they all look the same
But it never took me long to realize

That when I sat and talked to you our passions were on fire
The kind of thing two people can’t disguise


We danced all of the slow ones and drank a dozen bottles of Pearl

And we laughed and talked until that closin’ call

And as we stepped into the night I remember how you called my name
By then I knew things would never be the same
Track Name: Far Gone Baby
I know not quite how far you’ve been but I know it’s pretty far
Far as I’m concerned you could been flying with the stars
Cause you know baby when you go away things just fall apart
And the worlds not quite the same when I don’t know where you are

Well I decided to look for my baby cause she was just too far from me
So I got out a map and what do you know I found just the place to see
Far-go, here we go, that’s just the place she’ll be
So I set out to Fargo ND can’t wait to see

Cause your far-gone baby too far a gone from me
Far gone honey didn’t you come back home to see
You’re far-gone daddy just about to lose his mind
He needs his far-gone mama that he knows treats him fine

So I set out through Minnesota on my way to Fargokota just can’t wait to see
To find my far gone baby she’s just the one for me
Cause you know baby when you go away things just fall apart
And the worlds not quite the same when I don’t know where you are



I couldn’t find my baby she’s far gone from me
I checked out Fargo and she’s one I didn’t see
But then wouldn’t you know I met a girl name Flo she’s just the one for me
Just what I needed I found my baby

Track Name: Day By Day
Thinking about where you going, where you been, where you gonna be
It all rides like a heavy load on your head
Impossible thinking, dreaming about things

So if you’ve got a little wringing your hands to get done
Times running thin but your having fun on the run, on down, on down to the ground

Piecing together day by day
Not knowing which way is the right way, hey, hey

Take it day by day, just because
Take it day by day, it’ll be okay
Take it day by day, that’s what they say
Take it day by day, hey, hey, hey
Track Name: Black Cap Chickadee
Well lilac bush and black cap chickadee
What do you have to say to me
Trees outside are bare of leaves
Winters come with a real cool breeze

But it happens every year
Things get a little weird
We’ll try and figure this out some how

Black cap chickadee
What you got to say to me
Been too long since I’ve been outside
Gotta get a little air in me

But I see you like to travel a bit
You ought to come around sometime
Cause I can feel the rhythm
That’s what on my mind…

Black cap chickadee
What you got to say to me
Are we the only ones left, seems to have any sanity.

Help me out, keep me abreast
Of all the latest news and the rest
I could really use your help
Can someone find my belt

Black cap chickadee
What you got to say to me
You whizzed on by and blew me a away

Sort of feeling like a drag
but now I’m outside looking in
Tonight, tonight tonight.

Black cap chickadee
What you got to say to me
These home alone blues just like old jay bird you see

Now I ‘ve not made up my mind,
I’m a little mixed up but I’m feeling fine
Gotta go, left and right, up and down
And over and over again…

Black cap chickadee
What you got to say to me
Track Name: On Your Way
When you’re in the moment you got to feel what you might do
Too much on the record could ruin you
But you got your paycheck and your ready to get bent
There’s only so much healing with the money that you’ve spent
Cause you’ve been ruling this roost for sometime and your
Aspirations feel like mine, lets take over this place and make us a dime

You’re on your way, you’ll be great, you can’t deny your fate

Cause I can’t do this with all this wailing in my head
Insanity’s addictive when it keeps you in your bed
If you’ll be my muse I won’t fail to amuse
Sitting on you’re perch you’ll be ready to abuse

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Behind the Sun
I heard today, that your candle burned out and your wish went away
Sad to see you leave
I never got a chance to say, but even if i did, the words would get in the way
You got your reasons to leave

No lost highways, time to kill
No longer get a thrill
Summer fade out, winter comes
Behind the sun
No more sorrow, no more pain
I will see you again, won't you follow
and won't you come
Behind the sun

I heard today, that your candle burned out and your wish blew away
I know it's hard to say goodbye
That beacon calling but no one in, storming in the back of the canyon's end
It's hard to see you cry

Track Name: Hopes & Dreams
Young lady, my lovely lady
Maybe dreams do come true

And you wait with bated breath
All the living and the death before you

And loneliness is gone
The past has moved on and you’re fine

Lying, your eyes shut tight
Racing into the night

You haven’t finished yet what you started
And you bet you never will

But your passion it is strong
And your love will carry all for you

Young lady, my lovely lovely lady
May all your dreams come true

You haven’t finished yet what you started
And I bet you will

And you passion it is strong
And my love will carry on for you